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Basic Skills in Microsurgery

Basic Skills in Microsurgery

As the field of microsurgery is rapidly developing, this workshop will present some of its key principles. You will have the opportunity to discuss basic microsurgery notions and specific instruments. You will get the chance to perform sutures under the microscope on a range of materials, such as Sun Lee discs, leaves and petals.

Category:   Intermediate Specialty:   Microsurgery Duration:   4 hours


Advanced Skills in Microsurgery

Advanced Skills in Microsurgery

This workshop aims to reveal the principles of working under a surgical microscope, focusing on the techniques used in dissecting blood vessels and nerves and also on graft harvesting. The practical part will give you the opportunity to see how fine your motor skills are, while dissecting vessels under 1 mm diameter, followed by harvesting them.

Category:   Advanced Specialty:   Plastic Surgery Duration:   4 hours
Basic Skills in Ophthalmology

Basic Skills in Ophthalmology

This workshop will present basic principles of ophthalmology, from eye anatomy and specific instruments to clinical evaluation techniques and basic ophthalmic surgery skills. You will get the chance to perform comprehensive eye examinations. The basics of ophthalmological trauma will also be a part of the workshop, as well as scleral and sclero-corneal sutures. 

Category:   Advanced Specialty:   Ophthalmology Duration:   4 hours

Booking procedure

Booking your practical session will be available after registrations end, in the My account section. We will announce the exact dates at that moment.

The booking procedure will be split in 3 days. Day 1 is Premium Day, when all participants with premium packs will be able to book their practical sessions - they have the chance to book from all places available at our practical sessions. Do not forget that only 2 out of the 3 practical sessions from Premium packs have priority. 

Day 2 is for everyone! Half of the places that remain available for each practical session will be opened for booking. During the second day, all participants will be able to book practical sessions, including those with Premium packs for the 3rd practical session or those who did not book their practical sessions during the first day.

Day 3 is for last chances! If you didn’t get the chance to book your desired practical session on Day 2, you have one more shot. All participants have the chance to book from the other half of places available. Therefore, everyone gets two chances to book their favourite practical session, so don’t lose hope!