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Organising Committee

The team behind SURGICON


  • Maria Vișan Maria Vișan President

    Maria Vișan

  • Vlad Mihalcea Vlad Mihalcea Secretary General

    Vlad Mihalcea

    Secretary General

    SURGICON. Whenever this word passes my thoughts, chills run down from my Atlas to my Sacrum. This is how the most wonderful story during my studies began. The RSSS and, especially SURGICON, offered me the best place to hone my skills and grow as a future surgeon and person. To us, SURGICON is just like a big family reunion. For you, we prepare the greatest student surgical stage in Romania. With over 40 hands-on workshops and a lot of amazing conferences and live surgeries, we are ready to offer you the same thrilling experience we have every time we have just thinking about all these events. Let SURGICON be the place where we all have in common the love, the passion, and the dedication for surgery. I, therefore, invite you to come to join us and start suturing along.

  • Laura Grigoraș Laura Grigoraș Treasurer

    Laura Grigoraș


    “It is safer to look and see than to wait and see!” In my opinion, this is the central goal of both the RSSS and the Surgicon congress. Correlating hands-on experience with lectures on the latest breakthroughs, Surgicon strives to bring to you, our participants, the opportunity to experiment a piece of almost every surgical specialty you can be interested in.

    The third edition of Surgicon comes with a new opportunity: the hybrid format. In spite of all the barriers imposed by the pandemic, you will be able to attend a various number of hands-on workshops, respecting all the Covid-19 protection measures, and to participate from the comfort of your home to online conferences and scientific competition.

    One of my greatest passions is represented by interpersonal relationships. I truly appreciate every opportunity of meeting new people, debating interesting subjects and having some fun. Although the last year took us all this pleasure, I hope that Surgicon will be this year’s opportunity to make a few baby steps to a new way of interacting with each other or, why not, end up being friends.

    I wish you all a warm welcome and I am looking forward to meeting you!

  • Andrușa Harabagiu Andrușa Harabagiu Communications Vice President

    Andrușa Harabagiu

    Communications Vice President

    Good day everyone and thank you! Thank you for offering us a chance. For spending this time with us, as we do understand the value of time. For your curiosity and openness. And for letting us provide you with moments, as I am a true believer in the power that one single moment can have.

    My name is Andrușa Harabagiu and my area this year represented communication. Me and my team, comprised of the Graphics & Design, Public Relations, Registrations and Social departments, together we took care of the image and personality of this edition, and we hope you will enjoy it at least as much as we enjoyed putting everything in place.

  • Smaranda Mareș Smaranda Mareș Scientific Vice President

    Smaranda Mareș

    Scientific Vice President

    Hello! I am truly honored to be part of the organizing team of SURGICON for the third year. This event holds a special place in my heart as it brings together speakers from all around the world, who are not only true experts in their field but also great professors and mentors. We have been through a lot in the planning of this congress including the pandemic situation that started in 2020 and affected us as it affected everyone. As we were forced to go online, we took the chance and we implemented a new type of scientific event in the romanian students congresses: Live Surgeries. They were so appreciated that we decided to keep organizing them and to offer to hundreds of students world-wide the opportunity of discovering the insides of an OR, especially nowadays when going to the hospital for them is increasingly difficult due to safety issues.

    I would like to thank to my colleagues, especially the coordinators of the Scientific and Workshops & Live Surgery Departments, with whom I work very closely this year in order to ensure a comprehensive scientific programme that you will be able to enjoy either from your homes or in Bucharest, if you wish to get a hands-on experience in our workshops.

Department Coordinators

  • Alen Ali Alen Ali Graphics & Design

    Alen Ali

    Graphics & Design

    Working in this branch thaught me that nothing is really original. Steal from anywhere that fuels your imagination. Devour music, paintings, photographs, dreams, random conversations, new movies, old movies, architecture, light and shadows. Select only things to steal from that speak directly to your soul. If you do this, your work (and theft) will be authentic. Authenticity is invaluable, while originality is non-existent. It’s not where you take things from - it’s where you take them to.

  • Teodora Peleașă Teodora Peleașă Human Resources

    Teodora Peleașă

    Human Resources

    Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a surgeon. Becoming part of the Romanian Student Society of Surgery family gave me the opportunity to gain surgical skills while meeting incredible people with the same interest. My RSSS journey began years ago as a follow-up to the first workshops I attended as a freshman. Over the years, I have joined several departments and projects that have helped me grow as an individual.

    I consider the opportunity of being part of SURGICON's organizing team a personal challenge because I believe that a project as outstanding as this one can only motivate one to become a better version of himself. Now we offer you the chance to take a big step toward surgery. Our hands-on workshops will allow you to gain impressive surgical skills, while the live surgeries and conferences with world-renowned surgeons will broaden your medical horizons. 

    I think Helen Keller perfectly resumed what SURGICON means to all of us when she said: "True teaching cannot be learned from textbooks any more than a surgeon can acquire his skill by reading about surgery.". 

    There is a lot to discover through our congress for everybody and we hope you will enjoy SURGICON 2021!

  • Filiz Memet Filiz Memet Logistics

    Filiz Memet


    The rush, the adrenaline pumping through your veins, that pure feeling of being alive... That is how I feel when I enter an OR, every cell of my body comes to life. If you ever felt that, you know you have to become a surgeon and if you did not, now is your chance to experience some of that amazingly powerful emotion through our great scientific events. 

    My journey at SURGICON began from the first edition within the Logistics and Workshops Departments. Therefore, I have experienced both the administrative and the scientific parts of the organizing process and I could sincerely say that this Congress offers you an unique perspective and understanding of the medical and surgical field. 

    I am proud to say that the Logistics Department makes sure that SURGICON remains in your heart as a beautiful journey and story by contributing to the smooth running of every single workshop. Yes, you guessed it right, our department is the one who stays behind the scene, enjoying every moment spent together as a team and as a family. 

    This pandemic made me realize how important the human interaction is, how much I miss that “big event feeling” and how valuable are the sharing experiences with people from all over the world. Hopefully, we will have all of these again at this edition of SURGICON, so see you all there!

  • Ana-Maria Dragu Ana-Maria Dragu Public Relations

    Ana-Maria Dragu

    Public Relations

    Public Relations is a complex department which is creating a liaison between SURGICON and you, our dear participants.

    Now, when the pandemic made us vulnerable and in need for human contact, my team and I are here to interact with you and give you the taste of what SURGICON really is... a multicultural scientific event which brings people together based on one common goal: becoming the best healthcare proffessionals of tomorrow.

    The colors of our congress are created by the work the OC puts behind every little detail, but most importantly by your interest. I am more than happy to be the person in charge with communicating with all of you from all over the world... and also the person who will raise your excitement about SURGICON 2021!

  • Adriana Negoiță Adriana Negoiță Social

    Adriana Negoiță


    Hi! My name is Adriana and I am the co-coordinator of the Social Department at SURGICON 2021. I am very excited to meet you all and make sure you spend a wonderful time here, with us. We prepared lots of activities to fill both your days and evenings. We will make sure you have the chance to discover Bucharest and all its wonders, try the best food and beverages and, last but not least, make new friends. Our team is full of joyful people ready to spice up your days with laughter, socialising, and fun facts about Bucharest and our main theme of the congress. So buckle up, relax, and let us take care of the soundtrack of your surgical journey!

  • Mihaela Lăzărică Mihaela Lăzărică Workshops & Live surgery

    Mihaela Lăzărică

    Workshops & Live surgery

    Aren’t you all excited about the pandemic being over? That’s why I’m here this year, to try to bring back the hands-on experience we all missed. After a whole year of organising RSSS workshops as the Surgical Techniques Department coordinator, I’m confident that together with Alex we are going to bring to you the most amazing surgical experience throughout our fresh, exciting workshops and live surgeries.

    Last year taught us how to overcome any barrier that stands in our way and that’s why we are more ready than ever to push our limits further. I’m a very ambitious and hardworking surgery enthusiast and I won’t stop until I’m sure that everything will be on point.

    SURGICON 2021 it’s all about a group of beautiful people who find joy in offering once in a lifetime experiences to students all around the globe. I am proud to be part of this team and I can’t wait to see our dreams come true.

    At the end of the day, it’s all about people needing people so let’s make magic together.

  • Ștefania Bostan Ștefania Bostan Scientific

    Ștefania Bostan


    “Declare the Past, Diagnose the Present, Foretell the Future.” - Hippocrates 

    Ever since I can remember curiosity was the most defining trait for me. I was the kid and later on the teenager who didn’t have a favourite subject in school – I liked them all and I strived to understand as much as possible, wishing to be able to change the world. When the time came to make a decision regarding my career I was torn between art and science, unable to make a choice without feeling that I would deny a piece of myself. Obviously enough, I went to med school and for the first two years I felt kind of lost, out of place and I would constantly doubt my own judgement – but then I found my people, the RSSS family. From that point on it was as if the fog was lifted from my eyes and I could finally see clearly – I was in the right place, I could take action and make a difference. 

    It’s been about two years since then and I can honestly say that, although life’s never perfect, I feel that I am thriving, because I discovered my passion for surgery and I understood that medicine is both science and art. It is a field of great complexity which is constantly evolving, challenging me every single day and helping me be myself – the person who doesn’t want to make a definite, unchangeable decision, which would only limit me. 

    The human body is a work of art and a scientific masterpiece and I feel honoured to be amongst those who study it, aiming to better the lives of people everywhere. The team behind SURGICON – the first ever international surgical congress dedicated to medical students – resembles a fully functioning organism; it is comprised of complex people with various interests, who know how to combine their numerous passions with their work, leading to exceptional results. Every member is crucial to the entire process and I feel delighted to be able to contribute to the creation of such an event alongside wonderful individuals. 

    As one of this year’s coordinators of the Scientific Department I would like to give you a warm welcome and to congratulate you for choosing to take part in our congress, thus taking the next step regarding your future. Also, I vouch for incredible Lectures given by world-renowned surgeons, exciting events during our Scientific Competition and many surprises which are yet to be revealed.  

    I am excited to meet you all in Bucharest or online in October and I look forward to working together on making this world better than how we found it. The game is surgicON!

  • Mihnea Barcău Mihnea Barcău Scientific

    Mihnea Barcău


    SURGICON represents an idea that took form back in 2019. At that time, I had the opportunity to participate in various workshops and also to see the beauty of the practical part of this congress, a quality not frequently found in other events. As the times we live in went through considerable changes, last year's edition was a challenge that required adaptability and flexibility. We had to modify the way we held our conferences and the congress was mainly scientifically-orientated, in spite of the by-then signature of the Romanian Student Society of Surgery - the workshops.

    It was at that moment that many students rediscovered the elegance and impressiveness of the scientifical environment. I emphasize the word "rediscover" because it is not something intrinsically new; we often tend to forget the pleasure of studying when we are faced with great challenges, such as deadlines, exams and so on. Though it is easier to notice the less pleasant side, the learning part brings much joy and excitement that drive us forward, feelings you will definitely experience at SURGICON 2021!

    For this edition, you will find SURGICON 2021 to be a unique event that stands-out from all other congresses through a fine equilibrium between the professional, the exact, the mathematics and also the enjoyable and fun. A mixture of hands-on workshops and breathtaking conferences awaits you in Bucharest this Autumn!

    We cannot wait to see you there!

  • Nora Mărginean Nora Mărginean Registrations

    Nora Mărginean


    “We are all products of our environment; every person we meet, every new experience or adventure, every book we read, touches and changes us, making us the unique being we are”

    Great surgeons and medical professionals are shaped by their experiences and encounters, they grow learning from past mistakes, exchanging opinions and sharing techniques with others around the globe. What better environment for such personal development other than a medical congress?

    SURGICON is the ideal event for future surgeons and doctors, it is a great and, may I say, rare opportunity to exercise surgical methods hands-on at our workshops, to learn from  some of the most renowned surgeons alive during conferences and lectures, to find yourself virtually in the OR through our live transmitted surgeries and to, maybe, fall a little more in love with medicine. It is your chance to take a glimpse into the future, while getting to know fellow colleagues from all over the world.

    I am a 5th year medical student at the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy. I have been involved in this project since its first edition and for the second year in a row I was given the opportunity to be the head of a department very dear to my heart, the Registrations department. Needless to say, I am more than honored to take part in this project envisioned and organized by students, for students and I, alongside my department members, can not wait to answer all of your questions. Don’t be afraid to reach out to us with any need or uncertainty regarding the congress and don’t forget to have the best of times!

    Together, we grow better!

  • Andreea Toader Andreea Toader Fundraising

    Andreea Toader


    When I joined the Fundraising department two years ago, fundraising was a field unexplored by me until then, and I saw in this opportunity many challenges that aroused my interest. The most exciting one was, of course, the first edition of SURGICON. I have been watching the congress developing since 2019. I was amazed by how many people embraced this idea and how powerful was their passion for surgery. A year later, even more students from no less than 48 countries got involved in this wonderful event, and the magnitude of SURGICON became truly impressive. 

    This year, we intend to ensure the highest quality for the congress by combining the best aspects of both editions, the online events, and the hands-on workshops. All efforts to organize this congress are fuelled by the participants' satisfaction following the introduction to this alternative professional training.

    My proposal for you is to shake off the monotony which saddened the last months and to jump into action! You can start by registering for SURGICON 2021!

    Hope to meet you at the congress! Make sure you won't miss our surprises!

  • Melissa Mustafa Melissa Mustafa Logistics

    Melissa Mustafa


    As a travel lover, I took one of the best trips and challenges so far, the RSSS experience.  

    The diversity of personalities, even the cultural differences taught me how to comprehend people better. The amount of surgeries and workshops I attended offered me the chance to travel between different anatomical parts and broaden my imagination. The previous difficulties and stops gave me courage and motivation to go further and create together with my colleagues a wonderful trip for you that is called SURGICON 2021.

    Hop on and join us! You will experience different feelings from happiness to fulfilment or even back pain if you join our department. Even though you can not see us all the time, we can guarantee you that we try to ensure all you need and create you a great adventure. 

    Hope to have a wonderful time with us and enjoy every step of the congress!

  • Ilinca Predescu Ilinca Predescu Social

    Ilinca Predescu


    Hello! My name is Ilinca and I am the co-cordinator of the Social Department at SURGICON 2021. Our purpose is to make sure that you will have an amazing experience throughout the Congress. Our Social Programme is filled with unique events, theme parties, city tours and great food. We can't wait for you to discover all the online and offline surprises we prepared, to help you unwind between and after the conferences. You will be able to enjoy our venues and activities face to face, or make friends and have fun from the comfort of your home. Who says online can't be as entertaining, hasn't met our team. See you soon!

  • Alexandru Rusin Alexandru Rusin Workshops & Live surgery

    Alexandru Rusin

    Workshops & Live surgery

    My journey in SURGICON started in 2019 when I was a member of the Workshops department. This continued in 2020 when I was an OC member of the same department and despite the pandemic, we managed to stay strong and brought to you the most exciting live surgery experience.

    This year I decided to push my limits even further and together with Mihaela we are going to coordinate the Workshops and Live surgery department. Using the past years’ experience, we prepared for you a large diversity of RSSS workshops covering all surgical specialities and even greater live surgeries.

    I’m a hyperactive, hard working person and always in the right place at the right time. I wasn’t always so passionate about surgery, but from the first RSSS workshop I attended I knew surgery is my future. For me, SURGICON and RSSS are like a second family, where I feel always welcomed and my goal is to make you feel the same way. 

    I can’t wait to share with all of you this amazing passion and be fantastic together because these things can change your life forever.