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Organising Committee

The team behind SURGICON


  • Florentina-Roxana Radu Florentina-Roxana Radu PRESIDENT

    Florentina-Roxana Radu


    Hello everyone! Welcome to SURGICON 2023!

    It is my greatest honour to be enriched with the opportunity to celebrate the anniversary edition of the most intricate annual event of RSSS. This year’s edition is very special for us all, given the fact that it is both the 5th and the first full onsite edition after the pandemic.

    My journey in SURGICON began in 2019, when I was a Scientific Department Volunteer; afterwards, in 2021, I started to get more and more involved in the Workshops & Live Surgery Department, where I invested my experience and passion in organising the impressive number of hands-on activities that SURGICON and RSSS are well known for. I am very grateful for having the chance to have seen all the faces of SURGICON, before, during and after the Pandemic; the panoramic view is impressive!

    My team and I have been working intensely to assemble the most attractive scientific and hands-on activities, along with multiple surprises that we hope will fulfil your surgical adventure.

    Join us for an unforgettable surgical journey!

  • Simina Andreea Barbu Simina Andreea Barbu SCIENTIFIC VICE-PRESIDENT

    Simina Andreea Barbu


    To all the SURGICON people, 

    There is no greater fulfillment in one’s life than creating something that makes a difference in the world, even on a miniature scale. In light of this, I started my pathway as the Scientific Vicepresident in the Anniversary Edition of our Congress, driven by the desire to bring science and surgery closer to a top-notch experience, hands to a qualified team with communication, innovative spirit, and passion as the main attributes.

    Today, SURGICON is way beyond that miniature scale of values we started our journey with. Rather, it is a breakthrough in the world of surgery enthusiasts, crafted to greet the futuristic, unpredictable, yet so fascinating overview of science, as it unfolds itself nowadays hand-in-hand with surgery.

    Without further ado, join the SURGICON 2023 experience and shape your knowledge according to the continuously ascending pathway of the medical everchanging world. 

  • Elena-Roxana Druțu Elena-Roxana Druțu COMMUNICATIONS VICE-PRESIDENT

    Elena-Roxana Druțu


    Esteemed People of SURGICON,

    It brings me immense joy and distinction to be entrusted with the responsibility of shaping the image of the Anniversary Edition of our Congress. As the Communications Vice-President, I am deeply honoured to play a role in connecting the world of surgery through visually captivating designs, compelling texts, and most importantly, our unwavering passion for surgery.

    Reflecting on my journey since my first edition of SURGICON in 2020, where I was a passive participant, I am filled with gratitude for the courage it has instilled in me to dream big and constantly push myself to evolve and pursue my dedication for medicine.

    And now, as we embark on the fifth edition, I am privileged to work alongside an incredible team in crafting a story that will be etched in our memories forever. With a vision that encompasses the cutting edge of surgical perspectives, we are diligently preparing to unveil a truly magnificent empire state of surgery at SURGICON 2023!

  • Adina-Iuliana Calu Adina-Iuliana Calu TREASURER

    Adina-Iuliana Calu



    My name is Adina-Iuliana Calu and I am the Treasurer of the 5th edition of SurgiCon and I am more than excited to be part of an extraordinary project. My journey began in 2021 as a Logistics and PR volunteer, since then I became a true admirer of this amazing event.

    From the first workshop I attended I could see myself growing and becoming one of the responsible persons for the organisation of this Congress. Every generation of students had a great input for SurgiCon therefore in less than 5 years it has turned into one of the most loved events from our University.

    It is an honour to be part of the team this year and I could not thank my colleagues enough for all the work and the dedication they have shown. I hope the participants, the volunteers and everyone else involved will have the greatest time of the year and will love every part of it.

  • Gabriel-Lucian Ștefan Gabriel-Lucian Ștefan SECRETARY GENERAL

    Gabriel-Lucian Ștefan


    Hello everyone! My name is Lucian Ștefan and I am the Secretary General of this year’s edition of SURGICON.

    I started this journey as a Technical Team volunteer in 2021 and then I wanted to get involved even more. The satisfaction and enthusiasm of the participants at the end of such an event makes me believe that this road is worth travelling to the end.

    SURGICON is not only about the conferences and the workshops - it is about people you meet, people who will change your perception on many things and people who will give you a feeling of addiction for this Congress.

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