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230 Form

If you appreciate our activities as much as we do, you're probably wondering how you can help us make them even better. Well, there are many ways to support our mission, but you can start by redirecting 3,5% of your income tax (or maybe you know someone willing to do so) to our organization. Individuals with the following income categories: salaries, pensions, rents, intellectual property rights, dividends, or other taxable income (income from sports activities, PFAs etc.) are eligible.

All you have to do is to follow the next steps:

Click here to download the form. This already contains all of the RSSS’s data.

Fill in the gaps with your name, identity number and your address.

If you want to support us next year, too, you can check the box which makes the form available for 2 years.

Please remember to add your signature at the end of the form.

Forms can be submitted until May 25th!

Once completed, the form can be:

  • submitted to the financial administration agency or at a post office, by paper registered mail with reception acknowledgment or online, through the VPS service (Virtual Private Space), on or, also online, electronically signed with the qualified digital certificate on;
  • taken over by us, and our team will complete the next steps.

Thank you!