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Romanian Student Society of Surgery

The Romanian Student Society of Surgery is a non-governmental organisation, sustained by a group of medical students who share the same passion for surgery and are driven by a common goal: to make sure that their community has all the tools it requires to provide the society with elite practitioners in the years to follow. Since its founding in 2004, our Society kept evolving and reaching more and more students, growing a strong, elaborate and versatile team, across the entire country.

We now organise basic and specialised workshops, convering all the surgical specialties, and even though the pandemic made us rethink our organising methods, after an initial slow down in our activity, we thought of ways of moving forward, safely and efficiently, in order to not let down our colleagues who share the same passion for surgery as we all do!

SURGICON represents our biggest project so far, and with an successful first edition, organising the second one, full online and losing our signature hands-on workshops, represented a true challenge, but one we are very proud to say we overpassed.

Welcome letter

Hello, our dear participants!

We are very excited to see your interest in our congress and, on behalf of this year’s Organising Comittee, we would like to welcome you to the 2021 edition of SURGICON!

Even though the pandemic had a huge impact on the way we used to organise our events, we managed to come up with innovative concepts and new means of helping you interact with the surgical environment. We are very confident that the time you spend on our website, during the live sessions, or while scrolling through our social media, or while at our workshops, will be very productive and filled with eurika moments, while also socialising and creating new connections!

Make sure to keep an eye out for our updates, as do we have a couple of surprises in store and we promise to provide you with yet another incredible learning experience, from the comfort of your home, but also from the hands-on workshops, because we plan to go hybrid!

Our achievements

16 years ago, the 6 founding members created the basis for the 10 branches that activate today in some of the biggest universities in Romania - each of these branches organises its specific workshops or scientific events, creating an ever-growing network of information sharing and technique improvement.

Among our recent achievements are, of course, the first 2 editions of SURGICON, a great success nevertheless. In 2020, the pandemic didn’t stop us from reaching our goal and bring surgery closer to everyone by rethinking our plans and stepping out of our comfort zone. The number of actual participants doubled the estimation and we caught the eye of many international students, taking the first step towards the surgical map of Europe.

Our goals

The last edition of the congress made us get out of our comfort zone and try out new things. But, we all know that with a hard-working team, everything is possible. We will try to help the participants and the speakers make the most out of this experience, hoping that coming to Romania during fall will continue to be the tradition again in 2021.