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It takes time to achieve consistency in surgery. Let us help you with your first steps.

SURGICON is an INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS organized by the Romanian Student Society of Surgery.
The second edition will take place during October 22nd – October 25th 2020.


16 years in the field and a few successful concepts that led us on: one of them was diversity.

People are sometimes unexplicably attracted to the new in their surroundings, so we are constantly trying to offer our colleagues original means of expressing their academic curious spirit – increasing and updating the types of activities that we organise, workshops and scientific endeavours, is a permanent concern.


An international surgical congress students expect and deserve

Last year’s edition brought together almost 500 participants, almost 50 workshops covering all surgical specialties, and around 15 international speakers that inspired us with their words and experiences. Encouraging, yet down to earth and warm, they offered eye-opening lectures on what we are to encounter. We aim for the same amount of incentives and wish to display a similar progressive vision.


Many generations of volunteers who continue to believe in our mission

So many generations of passionate emerging surgeons dedicated their spare time and energy to our Society and their colleagues – proud to move their mission forward, more and more students adhered to the group of 6 that started this journey. There are now hundreds in it, and we expect more and more – join the Surgicon spinoff and let’s keep growing together!

Keynote Speakers

World-renowned surgeons will focus their talks on research perspectives in surgery
and challenges faced on the road to becoming a successful practitioner


Scientific Competition

Oral/Poster Presentations

Students will have the opportunity to delve into a topic of their own choice and present their research, literature reviews or experience with clinical cases on a variety of surgical pathologies.

Deadline for abstract submission: October 2nd.

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Debate Competition

Students can pair up and prove their persuasive skills by arguing in favour of a certain surgical tehnique to a qualified jury and an extensive public. Two teams take their turns in debating what is the most appropriate approach for today’s most complex diseases.

Deadline for abstract submission: October 2nd.

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