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Panel Discussion

1. ”Time Means Life: Restoring the Bigger Picture in Trauma Surgery”

2. ”Breakthroughs in Organ Transplantation: Between Innovation and Claims of Miracles”

During such an event, a set of doctors interested in the same surgical area, but with different experiences, will answer questions pertaining to a specific aspect of their practice. It is an interactive event which aims to present scientific information in a different way, compared to conventional conferences, as it gives the opportunity to find out distinct professional opinions on the same subject and it also allows participants to directly ask their own questions.The purpose of the event is for each one of the speakers to share their personal expertise and advice for students with an interest in a surgical technique. The structure of the event will be presented by a moderator who will also ensure a balanced discussion and at the end, questions from the participants will be adressed. Each doctor will have a short presentation and, at the end, 10-15 minutes will be reserved for questions and remarks between the panelists and from the audience. The duration of this event is 60-90 minutes.