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  • Dragoş Zamfirescu, MD, PhD Dragoş Zamfirescu, MD, PhD Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

    Dragoş Zamfirescu, MD, PhD

    Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

    Breast Reconstruction with DIEP Transferred Free Flap and Contralateral Breast Symmetrization

    Dragoş Zamfirescu, MD, PhD is widely recognised as a prominent board-certified plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon with an extensive experience and contribution in this field. The owner of Zetta Clinic in Bucharest, Dr. Zamfirescu has in his portfolio thousands of surgeries performed in more than 26 years of activity, his main interests covering brachial plexus paralysis surgery, peripheral nerve transfers, lateral-terminal nerve shunts, hepatic artery anastomosis in living donor liver transplantation and all types of breast reconstruction. He has pursued and completed multiple specialised courses in national and international centers, broadening the scientific horizon and raising the surgical practice to the highest standards in Romania. 

  • Mihai Adrian Dobra, MD Mihai Adrian Dobra, MD Urology

    Mihai Adrian Dobra, MD


    ”The Tratment of Renal-Ureteral Lithiasis”

    Dr. Mihai Adrian Dobra is a doctor of medical sciences, and urology specialist with experience in urological oncological surgery: renal parenchymal tumors, high urothelial carcinoma, bladder tumors, testicular and penile tumors, high and low endourology.