Cancellations and Refunds Policy

Detailed information about the refund options

If you booked a workshop included in the registration pack you chose and it was cancelled due to any aspects involving the Organising Committee (changes in timetable, location and trainer availability), you can:

  • choose one of the other available workshops;
  • get a full refund if you chose Registration Pack A if you cannot participate anymore in the other events of SURGICON;
  • get a 10 EUR refund if you chose Registration Pack B and you can still attend your first workshop or a 15 EUR refund if the selected workshop was an Extra one;

If you registered as an Active Participant, but your abstract was not accepted in the Scientific Competition and you do not wish to attend SURGICON as a Passive Participant, you can get a full refund.

No refunds will be allowed for participants who registered as Active participants and failed to submit an abstract before the Submission Deadline.

No refunds will be allowed if you submitted an abstract that did not get accepted in the Scientific Competition, did not request a refund and failed to pay the additional Fee for the Passive participation before the announced deadline.

If you switched your account from Passive to Active, submitted an abstract until the Abstract Submission Deadline (1 September 2019) and got accepted in the Scientific Competition, you can:

  • you can receive a 10 EUR (if you switched your account during the Early fee period) or 15 EUR (if you switched during the Regular Fee period) refund;
  • you can receive an Extra workshop (which regularly costs 15 EUR) and have a chance of more hands-on experiences!

If you cannot participate in the SURGICON 2019 due to personal situations, you can get a refund minus a handling fee of 20 EUR.

All other claims that are not covered by the policy as well as incomplete or fees paid after the official deadlines are non-refundable. To receive a refund, please contact us at in order to set the details of the transaction.