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Everything you need to know before you visit Romania

SURGICON 2022 organizers will do everything in their power to help the participants with the visa application.

The organizers will assist the participant with a visa invitation letter to support their visa application, only after the participant has registered and paid the congress fee. Once the payment has been confirmed, the participant can request a visa invitation letter by sending an email to with the data required by their authorities.

Please note that as per current legislation, holding a visa (in the case of third country nationals who require a visa to enter Romania) does not guarantee entrance to Romania.

In order to be allowed entry into Romania, upon checks conducted at the border crossing points, you must be able to prove that you meet the proper entry conditions (e.g. to provide information as regards the amount of time you intend to spend in Romania and/or the purpose of your stay. In some cases, the result of such checks can result in a person not being allowed entrance into Romania. It is advisable that you carry on you copies of the documents submitted when applying for your visa - invitation letter, trip confirmation or other documents attesting to the purpose of your stay in Romania). (As cited on The travel document must be valid for the entire duration of your visit (it will not expire sooner than your intended date of departure). The validity shall extend at least 3 months after the intended date of departure from the territory of Romania and it shall have been issued within the previous 10 years. The valid travel document must be recognised by the state of Romania.

Visa invitation letter

When requesting a visa invitation letter, the participant consents to the processing of personal data regarding the visa application. The organiser reserves the right to disclose the participant’s data to the relevant authorities in order to process the visa invitation letter, should this be necessary.

Visa invitation letter requests are processed in 10 working days after the participant has submitted his/her request and has correctly provided all personal information - some exceptions may apply. The letter will be submitted to the participant via the email address provided at registration and, if requested, also to relevant authorities.

The organizers will issue visa invitation letters only for the period of the event and for entry into Romania. No other date and/or country requests will be supported.

Applying for a Romanian visa and visa issuance is beyond our control. We are not liable for visa costs, shipping, processing, and/or issuance.

Should a participant require a hard copy of the visa invitation letter, any additional delivery cost has to be covered and arranged by the applicant. We cannot guarantee its proper delivery. In case the letter gets lost, we will send it again only once.

SURGICON 2022 organizers are not accountable for any mistake made in the completion of the visa request, nor for any damages and losses that may occur in this situation. SURGICON organizers will not answer to any claims that may arise due to this. Any additional cost to repair (regarding, but not limited to shipping another visa invitation letter, international calls etc.) will be the participant’s responsibility.

No visa invitation letter requests will be processed after 15th of September 2022.

SURGICON 2022 organizers are not responsible for any costs resulting from the refusal of the visa application by the Romanian authorities (referring to, but not restricted to accommodation costs, visa application costs, travel costs, insurance costs, medical costs etc.). Should the visa application be refused, we will grant you a partial refund as stated in X. Refunds.

Providing any reasonable suspicion of a fraudulent attempt (referring to, but not limited to using a false identity, providing false personal details, paying with stolen or false debit/credit card etc.) to obtain a visa arises, the SURGICON 2022 organisers are entitled to refuse the visa invitation letter. Should we detect such attempts, the participant’s account will be closed and he/she will not be able to get any refund or participate at SURGICON 2022.

SURGICON organisers are entitled to modify or add at any time and without prior notice any visa Terms & Conditions for specific situations, countries and/or regions (regardless of the reason).

Should a participant refuse to provide the SURGICON 2022 organisers with the information requested in order to fully establish his/her identity and to provide the details needed to issue a visa invitation letter, the organisers are entitled to refuse the issue of the visa invitation letter. In this situation, no refund of any previously paid fee will be given.

If after receiving the Romanian visa, a participant decides to cancel his/her participation to SURGICON 2022, the Romanian authorities will be immediately informed, the visa may be withdrawn and/or they may be forced to leave Romania by the relevant Romanian authorities. SURGICON 2022 is not responsible for any claims and/or costs arising from this situation.

Ask for visa

Ask for visa

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