Social Programme

Social activities and events

We should have been together! We should have played games, visited Bucharest and its wonders and met students with the same interest as ourselves who would have probably become pen pals or lifetime friends! However, the pandemic is still on, and we are still socially distancing. But this year, we are trying to come closer than ever and make connections even if we’re miles away from each other or not!

At the beginning of this third edition’s journey, we had planned an entire journey for both online and onsite friends we gathered at this event! The restrictions imposed just days before our congress made our mission impossible for our onsite events and we had to cancel everything last minute, as it may have happened with your holidays, your parties, your graduations since the pandemic!

Don’t worry! You will all have the chance to enjoy a little bit of socialising in the online world and connect with each other even through your computer screen which has become your ally and your enemy at the same time these last years. We hope to turn your screens into your friends during our Social Events of this year’s SURGICON!