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SURGICON – International Surgical Congress for Students represents a national scientific event, founded in 2019, meant to offer wide access to the surgical sciences to medical students and young doctors all around the world! It is the first 100% surgically oriented event of its kind. Its founders, the Romanian Student Society of Surgery (RSSS) are a group of medical students who share a common goal – raising the standards in the medical education area.

We are now at our fourth edition, after a fully on-site first edition in 2019, a fully online second edition in 2020 and a hybrid format edition in 2021 all of them having been described as a huge success among the medical students community.

What have we managed so far?

A few numbers that illustrate the activity at our last edition can be found here:

Why do we need your help?

In order to offer access to as many participants as possible from all over the world, we decided to set highly convenient prices for our participation packs, so that the price doesn’t represent a drawback and they are all accessible.

The consequence is that we have to struggle in order to cover the real expenses behind every event that we decide to organise, in order to maintain the high standards.

Here is where you can intervene, if you decide you want to offer us a hand in helping medical students access the latest news and surgical procedures in the world, while also helping them become aware of what surgery represents and what it might bring to them.

How are we going to make use of your help?

Two of the most important aspects in our activity are the scientific environment and the hands-on workshops. We want to make our scientific competition grow and develop beyond recognition this year, helping our colleagues enter this area more quickly and easily. We also decided to go hybrid and organise the workshops that everyone loves and that represent the signature of our Society.

We plan to invest very much in technology, as it is very required nowadays, especially with the pandemic context that is constantly providing us with challenges and stimulating us to get creative. One important direction here is represented by the live surgeries, which are going to be live streamed directly from the operating room and on our website so that our participants can watch them live – we adopted this concept in 2020, when we had to find a suitable replacement for our workshops, which were basically impossible to organise at that time.

Of course, creating a social environment in which our participants can interact and connect represents another priority for us, so we will also invest in venues and social platforms on the way.

Here’s our booklet for this year, in case you want to have another look at everything we do