Frequently asked questions

How should I register?

You should register on this website, only after creating a personal account! Be part of the SURGICON experience NOW!

How much is the registration fee?

Since the online approach of SURGICON eliminates the hands-on experience, which has been our signature and the most important aspect of our work, and because we were lucky enough to receive the support of so many people, doctors and volunteers included, we decided that this edition will be 100% free of charge.

When is the deadline for website registrations?

You can register until the 16th of October included!

What is the deadline to send my abstract?

The deadline for abstract submission is October 2nd, 2020. Soon after this date you will receive an email to inform you whether or not you have been selected as a Presenting Author.

What if my abstract is not accepted?

You may still attend the Congress as a Passive Participant. Your account will be converted to a Passive Participant account by default.

How do I obtain my Certificate of Attendance?

All details on participation criteria for both Active and Passive participants can be found in the Types of Participation section of the General Menu.

What are the rules for writing and submitting my abstract?

You can check the rules for the three categories here.

What do I do after I submit my abstract?

After submitting your abstract, there will be a period of 7 days in which your abstract will be processed. We will try to establish whether the paper is your original creation, determine if it was presented in any other student congress and make sure it follows our writing guidelines. If your paper is good to go (most cases), you will be notified. Otherwise, we will send you an email telling you what the issues concerning your paper are and if you can remediate them. All selected abstracts will be announced at the same time for Oral & Poster Presentations and for the Debate Competition on our website, on our social media pages and also via the registered email.

How are the abstracts selected?

All abstracts are sent to a team of reviewers comprised of medical doctors or specialists in the field, who evaluate the abstracts based on a list of 5 objective criteria each with 20 points. There will be 3 separate teams of reviewers, one for each of the 3 main scientific categories: Case Report/ Original Study, Cohort Study, or Clinical Study/ Review or Meta-analysis.

I was accepted as an active participant and I cannot attend SURGICON 2020? What should I do?

If the presenting author can no longer deliver the Oral Presentation after its acceptance, he/she:

  • has the right to designate one of the co-authors for substitution in order to deliver the speech, but only if the respective co-author is already registered as a passive participant and meets the eligibility criteria for active participation;
  • has the obligation of announcing the congress organisers at least 24 hours before the established date and time of the Scientific Competition. He/she must also announce the name of the co-author who will deliver the presentation.
What is the Debate Competition?

It is a concept meant to help you develop your ability to express and argue your point in front of others, so that you’ll never get caught on the wrong foot in front of your colleagues and patients. The topic for this year's online edition is Spina Bifida Myelomeningocele: Prenatal versus Postnatal Surgical Treatment (Team A: Prenatal, Team B: Postnatal).

You can check the rules for the Debate Competition here

If I want to submit an abstract for the Debate, can I submit another abstract for Oral & Poster Presentations?

Yes, all the active participants can submit up to 2 abstracts, one for the Debate Competition and the other one for Poster or Oral Presentations.

How is the winner of the Debate Competition selected?

The winning team is going to be selected based on 4 criteria: scientific content, time management, linguistic skills and persuasion. All criteria have a maximum of 10 points and the winning team is going to be selected based on the sum of all points of the two teammates.

There will also be a prize for the best speaker which will be selected by the public. Therefore, in this section of the Scientific Competition we encourage questions both from the public and the opposing team, in order to have a broad understanding of each team’s view and the use of the technique they chose to present.

When will the final Scientific Programme be announced?

Due to the uncertainty of the situation at hand and the complexity of organising an online event at such a large scale, the final Programme will be announced approximately 1 week before the congress.