Frequently asked questions

Do I need to find accommodation myself?

Our team is working hard in order to prepare a set of accommodation packs, that you can check here and book, if you consider any of them appropriate. If you prefer some other places or you want to discover Bucharest, you can choose yourself!

Accommodation packages will be soon available in the Extras section of your account.

What about the transportation in Bucharest?

You can check the public transporation options here. Don’t forget that you can also take a cab or an Uber!

How should I register?

You should register on this website, only after creating a personal account! Check our Registration packs here. Be part of the SURGICON experience NOW!

How much is the registration fee?

You can check all our fees and packages here.

What is the deadline to send my abstract?

The deadline for abstract submission is September 15th 2019. You will receive the response soon after the date, via e-mail (with a message which will tell if you have or have not been selected as a Presenting Author).

What if my abstract is not accepted?

You may still attend the Congress as a Passive Participant or ask for a refund. If you wish to become a Passive Participant, you can pay a 15 EUR difference for the Regular Fee of the Passive participation pack until the 8th of October 2019. If you have a Premium Package, you will have to pay the 10 EUR difference for the Passive participation pack.

If not, you should ask for a full refund at treasurer@surgicon.ro until the same deadline. If you neither pay for Passive participation, nor ask for a refund until the 8th of October 2019, your account becomes inactive and your fee is non-refundable.

How are the abstracts selected?

All abstracts are sent to a team of reviewers comprised of medical doctors or specialists in the field, who evaluate the abstracts based on a list of objective criteria. There will be 3 separated teams of reviewers, one for each of the 3 main scientific categories: Basic/ Clinical/ Educational Research.

What are the rules for writing and submitting my abstract?

You can check the rules for the three categories here.

What is the Debate Competition?

It is a concept meant to help you develop your ability to express and argue your point in front of others, so that you’ll never get caught on the wrong foot in front of your colleagues and patients. You can check the rules for the Debate Competition here.

What happens during a debate session?

There will be a moderator who is hosting the event and giving the participants the right to speak. The moderator is also going to present a background story, an introduction or a short description of what is going to be discussed in order to set the status quo.

There will be 4 active participants per session – 2 presenting arguments for one side and 2 for the other. They will take turns presenting their arguments (e.g. pros – cons – pros – cons/ technique A – B – A – B). Each participant has 7 minutes to expose his idea/ his argument and 3 more minutes to answer questions from the public.

At the end, the jury or the public will select one side or the other to be the winner.

How do I register?

In order to register for the Debate Sessions, you must find a friend and register together for this competition. Each active participant will register separately and pay his own participation fee. You must send an abstract comprised of no more than 600 words describing the arguments/ ideas you are going to present. Both team-mates must mention the other by their full-name in their registration form.

Your abstract must contain SEXI ideas:

  • your Statement should be easy to understand and represent what you are trying to prove;
  • you should offer a short and clear Explanation;
  • do not forget to give eXamples of medical data that supportyour idea;
  • show us how it is Implemented in everyday medical practice;

The abstract must be sent before September 15th 2019, the same submission deadline as for the Oral and Poster Presentation.

For reaching the submission page click here!

Can I submit another abstract for Oral & Poster Presentations?

Yes, each participant can submit a maximum of two abstracts as it follows:

  • one abstract for Debate Sessions and one for Oral or Poster Presentations;
  • two abstracts for Debate Sessions – one for each theme;
  • two abstracts for Oral or Poster Presentation – one for each category;
  • two abstracts for Oral or Poster Presentations.
How do I book a workshop?

You will be able to book the workshops of your choice after the registration period closes and all workshops are announced. We will announce the booking procedure at that time.

How do I obtain my certificate of attendance?

All details on participation criteria for both Active and Passive participants can be found in the "Types of Participation" section of the general Menu.

When is the deadline for website registrations?

You can register until the 8th of October 2019 included!